The principal way the Auxiliary helps the Fire Department is through fund raising. Money received through donations, sweepstakes tickets, and the annual Moose Lake Festival aid in the purchase of equipment needed by the Fire Department. In the past few years, the Auxiliary helped to purchase and outfit a new equipment truck, a fill site truck, a snowmobile, GPS units and headsets, and a UTV complete with retrofitting for use for off-road search and rescue and for fighting wildfires. The UTV’s trailer was also retrofitted to accommodate both the UTV and the snowmobile. The equipment truck, fill site truck and UTV were purchased by funds raised through the Auxiliary. No tax money was used. This makes the Round Lake Fire Department the envy of all of the other Fire Departments in Sawyer County.

Auxiliary members also assist Fire Department personnel if needed. As an example, the Auxiliary may be called out by the Sheriff’s dispatch to bring water and food to fire department personnel if they are at a major emergency scene. The Auxiliary may also help victims of fire by seeing that they have a place to stay, giving them emergency funds, clothing, and incidental items they may need to make it through the first few days.


In May, the RLFD Auxiliary made the hard decision not to hold the sweepstakes this year.  They didn’t feel that this was the time for soliciting donations or raising funds, worthy though their cause is.  They felt that this is a time to “give back”.  Give back to your communities, help your neighbors, support your local businesses, donate blood, and cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.  And of course be thankful for and supportive of our frontline heroes, the First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, Fire Departments, Sawyer County Ambulance, all the people in the medical field, the schools and teachers, the people who deliver our packages, our mail, and the hosts of others who have kept our country going.
As always, the Town of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department is grateful for your continued support all these years and look forward to working with everyone next year, which we hope to be a banner year for fundraising so that the dream of having a new fire engine will become a reality sooner rather than later.
Sharon Haak
RLFD Auxiliary President


For more information about the Fire Department Auxiliary, please feel free to contact one of the following officers:

Sharon Haak, President

Doc Grayson, Vice President

Lou Grayson, Secretary

Pat Feldner, Treasurer