The Town of Round Lake Fire Department Auxiliary


The Town of Round Lake Fire Department Auxiliary is a division of the Town of Round Lake Fire Department. One of the Auxiliary’s primary objectives is to raise funds and manage donations to the Fire Department.

On behalf of the Town of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department and EMS personnel, the Fire Department Auxiliary would like to thank you for your generous support throughout the years. Your contributions helped provide these responders with the education, training, and equipment necessary for them to answer the many requests for assistance they receive.


Another objective of the Auxiliary is to provide support for the firefighters and emergency personnel as needed. We need volunteers to help with these non-firefighting support efforts.  As a volunteer you are contributing through your involvement and are a member of the Auxiliary. There are no dues, you do not have to live here year-round, and we are mindful of not taking too much of our volunteer’s time.


For more information about how you can volunteer and support your volunteer firefighters and first responders, please contact any of the Board officers:

Vickie Palya, President                   Doc Grayson, Vice President
715-462-9951                                   715-462-9538      


Lou Grayson, Secretary                  Pat Feldner, Treasurer
715-462-9538                                   715-462-3817          

Our current fundraising activities are focused on outfitting a new fire truck. The Town Board has approved the purchase of a new fire truck at a cost of $443,000. It is expected to be delivered in 2024. The current truck will be kept in service at station 1 so the new truck must be completely outfitted with the necessary equipment. The Auxiliary will be purchasing all of the equipment that will be needed to outfit the new truck. This is expected to be in excess of $100,000.


Fund Raising Activities:

The “Town of Round Lake Firefighter’s Picnic at Louie’s Landing” is held on the first Saturday in August (August 5, 2023). We would appreciate any help you can provide in preparing for and assisting at this event.


The “Town of Round Lake Fire Department Sweepstakes” is the major fundraising effort of the Auxiliary. All of the proceeds from the Sweepstakes go to the Town of Round Lake Fire Department. The Auxiliary can use help to stuff and prep the mailing.



Reminders from the Town of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department

The department continues to actively recruit more members. For information on types of positions available and joining the department as a volunteer, please call Fire Chief, Mike Schmidt at 1-715-492-0211.   They are especially looking for people willing to take the training necessary to become Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), previously referred to as First Responders.  All training, equipment, and mileage will be paid for by the fire department.


Currently, both of our Fire Halls and Town Hall have backup emergency power and will be open during a major disaster to anyone who needs help. There are websites that you can access to help you prepare for a disaster. These local websites will provide more information during an emergency:


If you haven’t registered with the county to receive emergency alerts go to


Please make sure that your driveway is accessible to emergency vehicles (width and height) and that your fire number sign is visible, not covered by shrubs or snow.


Prior to conducting any outdoor burning, call or check online at the DNR website (click on “Burn permits”) for that’s day burning restrictions; current fire danger or, to obtain a burning permit.  You can also call 1-888-WIS-BURN (1-888-947-2876).



For more updates visit:



Please consider volunteering to show your support for the work of our volunteer firefighters and first responders.



Fire Department Auxiliary Ordinance 01-2021

Fire Department Auxiliary Bylaws