On behalf of the Town of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department and EMS personnel, the Fire Department Auxiliary would like to thank you for your generous support throughout the years. Your contributions helped provide these responders with the education, training, and equipment necessary for them to answer the many requests for assistance they receive.


The Town of Round Lake Fire Department Auxiliary is a division of the Town of Round Lake Fire Department. One of the Auxiliary’s primary objectives is to raise funds and manage donations to the Fire Department. The Fire Department needs a new fire engine as our current engine has gone beyond its service life. The Town of Round Lake is earmarking funds for the new engine and the money being raised by the Auxiliary will to be used to help outfit that engine as a state-of-the-art firefighting vehicle. The Fire Department has been looking at equipment from a variety of manufacturers. They are currently fine tuning and finalizing the specifications for the new engine.


Fund Raising Activities:

The Moose Lake Festival has been a primary part of the fundraising efforts of the Auxiliary for many years. Although the MLF was hugely successful, it required a substantial amount of time and man hours to conduct which unfortunately just could not be sustained. Instead, a new, smaller event is being planned. The “Town of Round Lake Firefighter’s Picnic at Louie’s Landing” will be held on Saturday August 6 from Noon until 4:00 pm.  Please watch for details and come out in support of the first responders and fire department.


The Town of Round Lake Fire Department Sweepstakes will now become the major fundraising effort of the Auxiliary. All of the proceeds from the Sweepstakes go to the Town of Round Lake Fire Department. We are asking for a donation of $15.00 for 18 tickets, $5.00 for 6 tickets, or $1.00 for one ticket. No donation or purchase is required to enter. Entering the sweepstakes will give you a chance to win cash prizes of $500.00, $200.00 or $100.00.  The drawing for these cash prizes will be held on Saturday, August 6.  Winners will be notified and receive their prizes by mail.  You need not be present to win.

Please fill out the sweepstakes stubs and return them to: (a return label is included)

Round Lake Fire Department Auxiliary 

c/o Pat Feldner

11025N Fin and Feather Road, Hayward, WI  54843

Please make checks payable to the Town of Round Lake Fire Department Auxiliary (RLFD Auxiliary).

Another objective of the Auxiliary is to provide support for the firefighters and emergency personnel as needed. We need volunteers to help with these non-firefighting support efforts.  As a volunteer you are contributing through your involvement and are a member of the Auxiliary. There are no dues, you do not have to live here year-round, and we are mindful of not taking too much of our volunteer’s time.


For more information about how you can volunteer, please contact any of the Board officers:

Vickie Palya President


Doc Grayson, Vice President

Lou Grayson, Secretary

Pat Feldner, Treasurer


We appreciate your continued support and thank you in advance for any contribution you choose to make.