For the third year in a row, in conjunction with the Sawyer County Health Department and the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, The Town of Round Lake is conducting a private well water testing program. The purpose of the program is to establish a baseline of groundwater quality in our town. The Town Comprehensive Plan Goals include:
 Protection of natural areas including wetlands, wildlife habitats, lakes, woodlands, open spaces and groundwater resources

The Town of Round Lake is beginning the 2024 well water testing program. The purpose is to create a baseline of water quality for the Town. The cost for homeowners will be $35 and includes testing for 19 different parameters. It is important to know what is in your drinking water, especially if you have young children or sensitive health issues.
As our Town develops, establishing a baseline for groundwater quality will help protect our residents and the environment. The Town has been proactive in creating legislation to discourage harmful land uses which could impact water quality.
The goal for 2024 is to sample and test at least 50 of the 660+ wells in the town. To date 137 wells have been tested.
If you would like to participate in this program in the Town of Round Lake, you MUST complete the sign-up form by June 30th, 2024,

You may sign-up on the Sawyer County web page at Town of Round Lake Groundwater Testing | Sawyer County, WI (


The Town of Round Lake Ad Hoc Committee on water testing:

Chairman – Don Stover

Secretary – Ginny Chabek

Kay Wilson