Town of Round Lake Ground Water Testing Program

For the second year in a row, In conjunction with the Sawyer County Health Department and the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, The Town of Round Lake is conducting a private well water testing program. The purpose of the program is to establish a baseline of groundwater quality in our town. The Town Comprehensive Plan Goals include:

  • Protection of natural areas including wetlands, wildlife habitats, lakes, woodlands, open spaces and groundwater resources

By establishing a baseline of water quality data, the Town of Round Lake is implementing a program to test private wells in the Town between July 4th and Labor Day, 2023. This will allow for tracking any potential impact that land use changes have on this important resource. For the baseline testing, the Town is looking to test about 120 wells that were not part of the 2022 testing program.


Town of Round Lake homeowners can apply to have their wells tested as part of this important program at a greatly reduced cost of $30 per well. Businesses and rental properties can also participate with the understanding that this test does not exempt them from or replace any testing required by the state or county for conducting a business.  The program is designed to represent wells across the geography of the town, so applications will be selected based on the location. By submitting the form below, volunteers will be added to the map and may be selected to participate. Those that are selected will be contacted with specific instructions on how to collect and deposit your samples.


For those wells that were tested in 2022, the Town will provide access to a follow up test for Nitrates, Bacteria and Manganese, since those were the most common problems found.


All data that is collected will be entered into a publicly accessible database, however, names and addresses of participants remain confidential. The Sawyer County Health Department will follow up on any problems that are found to protect the health of residents.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out an application as soon as possible as sample kits will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

You may sign-up on the Sawyer County web page at Town of Round Lake Groundwater Testing | Sawyer County, WI (

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The Town of Round Lake Ad Hoc Committee on water testing:

Chairman – Don Stover

Secretary – Ginny Chabek

Kay Wilson