The purpose of the Auxiliary is to support the Town of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department.  Anyone, man or woman, can be a member of the Auxiliary.  There are no dues and meetings are held twice a year, or as needed. An important way the Auxiliary helps the Fire Department is through fund raising. Monies raised through donations, sweepstakes tickets, and the Moose Lake Festival aid in the purchase of equipment needed by the Fire Department and in the finish out of the new addition to Fire Station One.

In the past few years, with the assistance of the residents of the Town of Round Lake, the Auxiliary has helped to purchase and outfit a new equipment truck, a fill site truck, and a UTV to be used for off-road search and rescue and for fighting wildfires.  Proceeds from the fundraising were also used to retrofit the UTV to turn it into a state of the art search and rescue vehicle. The UTV’s trailer was retrofitted to accommodate the UTV as well as a snowmobile purchased by the Auxiliary. The Town of Round Lake Fire Department also has GPS units and headsets thanks to the Auxiliary. It is important to note that the equipment truck, fill site truck and UTV were purchased by funds raised through the Auxiliary.  No tax money was used.  This makes the Round Lake Fire Department the envy of all of the other Fire Departments in Sawyer County.

Auxiliary members also assist the Fire Department personnel in the line of duty when needed.  For example, they can be called out by the Sheriff’s dispatch to bring water and food to personnel, if they are at a major emergency scene. They also assist victims of fire by seeing that they have a place to stay, giving them emergency funds, clothing, and incidental items they may need to make it through the first few days.

Being a member of the Auxiliary is a wonderful way to help our town, our neighbors, and our fire department.  Not everyone is cut out to be an active member of the fire department, but anyone can be part of the Auxiliary and feel like they are making a very important contribution.

For more information about the Fire Department Auxiliary, please feel free to contact one of the following officers:

Marilyn Karns, President

Doc Grayson, Vice President

Lou Grayson, Secretary

Pat Feldner, Treasurer