Round Lake Town Government

Round Lake Town Hall

The Round Lake town hall is located at

10625N County Rd A

Hayward WI 54843

Phone/Fax 715-462-9271

E-mail: Click here to contact us

Office Hours:

Thursday: 12:00 (noon)  to 6 pm or by appointment

Town Board Meetings

The regular meeting of the Town Board is held on the second Thursday of each month. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. The agenda for the meeting is posted on this site and at the town hall external bulletin board,  the board at the recycling site on Cty. Rd. A., and board at Fire Station Pine Point Rd.

Town Board Members


Town Chairman: David Sanders 715-462-3917
Supervisor: Kay Wilson 715-462-9911
Supervisor: Marilyn Karns 715-462-9445
Supervisor: Sandra Schara 715-462-9508
Supervisor: Rolfe Hanson 715-462-4049
Town Clerk: Kathy McCoy 715-462-9271
Town Treasurer: Victoria Palya 715-462-9271

Town Assesser: Marv Nordquist  715-634-2283